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Building Backlinks for SEO


Building Backlinks for SEO

Link building for the purpose of search engine optimization or SEO is one of the core activities, which you must do to improve the ranking of your website. It requires understanding and knowledge of link building process as well as its effect on the ranking of your website.


What is Link Building?

Link building is basically creation of backlinks on different websites.


How Link Building can Affect your Ranking?

Getting backlinks from high PR (Page Rank) websites is looked favorably by Google. When Google crawler visits the website and finds your link, it visits your website as well and index it. Juice of the PR of that website is also passes to your website. All this add benefits to your website in terms of the Page Rank and improves search engine ranking.


Focus on Do Follow Links

Link Building adds SEO juice to your website; however, it does not mean that all links are good. Link building should be done on high PR sites. Presence of your website link on a spam site or shady website is not considered good and can even affect your own website position.

While creating backlinks, you must also consider the type of backlinks you are creating.


There are two types of backlinks as mentioned below:


  1. 1. No-follow Backlinks: This is when a website mentions that the link on their website is a nofollow link. They place nofollow tag in the code. From the SEO perspective, these links are not of much use. The reason behind the same is that the PR juice is not passed to your website by the crawler.
  2. 2. Do-Follow Backlinks: If nofollow tag is absent that means the link is a dofollow link. Crawler will not only crawl and index the page but also pass the Page Rank juice to the link.

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Identifying if a Link is a Nofollow or Dofollow Link

To check if a link is a nofollow or dofollow link, you can go to the source view of that page and search for the link. If there is a nofollow tag mentioned in the code, it means that the link is a nofollow link. A nofollow link should look something like this:

“<a rel=”nofollow” href=”” title=””>Website</a>”

Notice the rel=”nofollow” part of the code. Here it is specified that the link would be nofollow.


Using Blog and Forum for SEO

You need to make a list of Blogs and Forums which has dofollow link and has good PR. Page Rank greater than 3 and having dofollow links are good enough to make a selection. You can post comments with backlinks in the comment section of a blog. You can also post answers along with the backlink in forums. As blogs and forums are rich in content and get preference by Google, you get improved search engine ranking and increased Page Rank for your website.


Tips and Tricks for General SEO

  • · Don’t put backlinks on spam websites or shady websites
  • · While posting your comment, be relevant and don’t go off the topic.
  • · Be a useful resource on forum. Post good answers to get more credibility.
  • · Keep expanding the list of blogs and forums having good Page Rank and dofollow links
  • · Never post anything which looks like spam message.



Link building is one of the most important activities for the SEO of your website. You need to be smart and select the websites carefully for backlinking. High Page Rank and dofollow links are the primary criteria based on which you should make the list of blogs and forums where you can put the backlinks along with relevant and useful comments and advices.

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